new from Paul Crist Studios

  We have reproduced this iconic Ttiffany lantern from an original Tiffany example, copying it down to the smallest detail. The trickiest part is the door structure, which the other copiers have left off. If you are looking for an exact reproduction, this is the only one available.

  The lantern is finished in a natural green/brown Tiffany patina and can be fitted with turtleback pressings in either, red, green or amber glass. These tiles are made in the traditional way- hand-pressed and fumed hot with a ferric cloride mist, which imparts a soft, but rich irridescent surface that reflects the light in complex ways. Your lantern can be made with or without door.

For more information, call Joe Jewell at (562) 696-9992, anytime between 7:30 am and 4:30 pm, Pacific Time, Mon-Fri., or email him at joe@mosaicshades.com.