Raw shade rings to fit the CR3, CR8 and CR6 crowns are available.



Large Elaborate Crown

Cast brass
10" OD, 4 1/2" high
              Shown with shade ring.


Small Elaborate Crown

Cast brass
6" OD, 3 1/2" high
             Shown with shade ring.


3-hook Beaded Crown

Cast brass
6" OD beaded ring
Shown with spacing spider and shade ring.


Internal Crown

Cast and machined brass
variable OD and SD
This crown design was made for Tiffany's 24" panelled cones with a 3 3/4" aperture. It can also be made with 4 hooks and in other diameters.


Favrile Crown

Cast brass
variable OD and ID
This crown can be made in diameters from 3" to 5" to fit a variety of Favrile glass globes with fitter lips.