Paul's Base Collection

I have decided to liquidate my collection of old bases, because I'm never going to find time to make shades for any of these. I have been accumulating them for over 20 years, and close to 50 will be put up for sale on this page over the next few weeks. So check regularly. They vary all over the map in terms of quality, size and condition, and I have priced them accordingly. They are guaranteed to be old and not modern repros. The maker is listed when known, along with our educated guess as to what size shade would look good on the base. They will be fitted with old sockets (not necessarily matching finish) and wired; otherwise they are sold "as is." Wheels or caps do not necessarily come with the bases, but some have them- as noted. Adaptations or patina improvements are not part of the deal, but can be done. That should be discussed with Jenny. The listed price includes packing, but not shipping or any extra work that you can talk Jenny into.




Maker:  J. A. Whaley

Specs:  24" high; 3-lights

Fits::  18-20" shade

High quality, heavy white metal, copper-plated with original rich brown patina. Original sockets and wheel.



Maker:  Unique

Specs:  27" high; 3-lights

Fits::  20-22" shade

Cast brass, copper-plated with original brown patina. Sockets not original



Maker:  Wilkinson

Specs:  30" high; 4-lights

Fits::  22" shade

Heavy white metal w/ brass tubes. Wilkinson quality with an original light brown finish; original sockets cap and finial. Original Wilksn. bases this tall.are rare.



Maker:  unknown

Specs:  24" high; 2-lights

Fits::  18-20" shade

Low-end base with cast metal platform and reeded tube column. Original cluster with replaced sockets. Plain brown finish.



Maker:  unknown

Specs:  23" high; 3-lts.

Fits:  18" shade

Heavy white metal w/ good detail.Plain brassy brown finish; original cluster, sockets and wheel. This is the original from which all of the modern repros were copied..



Maker:  unknown

Specs:  28" high; 2-lts.

Fits:  14-16" shade

Great high quality all=bronze base w/ original cluster.Good design and nice brown finish; Perfect for a banquet lamp with a 14-16" open-top shade..



Maker:  unknown

Specs:  18" high; 2-lts.

Fits:  16" shade

White metal base w/ original cluster.Floral band on base. Plain brown finish. w/ some wear.



Maker:  Lamb Bros. & Grn

Specs:  27" high; 3-lts.

Fits:  22" shade

Spun brass w/brownish finish..Original cluster, and sockets. Cast iron base plate.



Maker:  unknown

Specs:  31" high; 3-lts.

Fits:  16" shade

Greenish colored white metal w/ painted details. High quality w/ original cluster, sockets and finial.



Maker:  unknown

Specs:  17" high; 1-lts.

Fits:  12-14" shade

White metal base w/ fish design on platform. Dull brownish green finish. w/ some corrosion.



Maker:  unknown

Specs:  13" high; 2-lts.

Fits:  10-12" shade

Cast Iron base w/ repro cluster. Brown finish.



Maker:  unknown

Specs:  16" high; 2-lts.

Fits:  12" shade

White metal base w/ original cluster.Plain hexagonal profile on base. Plain brown finish.



Maker:  unknown

Specs:  21" high; 2-lights

Fits::  16" shade

Very high quality all brass base with hand repoused surface. Original A&C brown patina. Cluster, sockets and wheel original to base.



Maker:  Unique

Specs:  21" high; 2-lights

Fits::  16" shade

Spun brass with original cluster, wheel, and sockets. Light brown finish..This is a rare and desirable Unique base in mint condition.



Maker: unknown

Specs:  21" high; 2-lights

Fits::  16" shade

Very high quality cast and sheet brassl w/ heavy lead loader inside. Original brown finish. Original cluster.w/ replaced sockets and wheel..



Maker:  Miller

Specs:  28" high; 3-lights

Fits:  22" shade

Signed. High quality, spun brass with iris appliques Original greenish patina. Original cluster w/ replaced sockets and wheel. Very stylish



Maker:  Miller

Specs:  17 1/2" high; 2-lts

Fits:  14-16" shade

Cast and spun brass w/ reeded tubing, Original brown finish. Sockets and wheel old, but not original



Maker:  unknown

Specs:  22" high; 2-lts.

Fits:  18" shade

White metal and spun brass. Greenish brown finish w/ some corrosion..Original cluster, Repl. sockets and wheel.