Antique Base Clearance Sale

These are the last of over 60 antique lamp bases that I have sold on this website over the past year. These 5 have remained unsold, not because they are undesirable, but because I was asking a higher price for them. These bases were all made by name brand companies that produced leaded shades and were probably designed with that use in mind. As such, they are valuable to collectors of leaded shades, but I don't want to put the effort out to chase that market. So I am offering them to my Ddyssey customers at ridiculously low prices. This is your chance to own a name brand base that has antique value as well as looking good under your shade. As before, they are guaranteed to be old and not modern repros. Adaptations or patina improvements are not part of the deal, but can be accomplished at an extra cost. That should be discussed with Jenny. The listed price includes packing, but not shipping or any extra work that you can talk Jenny into.



now $600.00

Maker:  Unique

Specs:  27" high; 3-lights

Fits::  20-22" shade

Cast brass, copper-plated with original brown patina. Sockets not original


now $600.00

Maker:  Wilkinson

Specs:  30" high; 4-lights

Fits::  22" shade

Heavy white metal w/ brass tubes. Wilkinson quality with an original light brown finish; original sockets cap and finial. Original Wilksn. bases this tall.are rare.


now $500.00

Maker:  unknown

Specs:  28" high; 2-lts.

Fits:  14-16" shade

Great high quality all-bronze base w/ original cluster. Authentic Roman design and nice brown finish; Perfect for a banquet lamp with a 14" open-top shade..


now $450.00

Maker:  Lamb Bros. & Grn

Specs:  27" high; 3-lts.

Fits:  22" shade

Spun brass w/brownish finish..Original cluster, and sockets. Cast iron base plate.


now $600.00

Maker:  J. A. Whaley

Specs:  22 1/2" high; 2-lts.

Fits:  16-18" shade

Whaley-quality heavy white metal w/ natural green/brown patina. Original cluster, wheel and cap. Replaced sockets.