Volume 1                                                 by Paul Crist

Among the Weeds

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Chapter 1  Background  pages 1-35

     This chapter covers the history of lighting design and technology in the United States from roughly 1850 to 1920.    updated 12-3-16

Chapter 2  Art Glass and Copper Foil  pages 36-57

     This chapter traces the development of window glass, followed by the evolution of stained sheet glass. It focuses on the stained glass industry in the United States and the introduction of opalescent sheet glass. It also covers the invention of the copper foil technique and the distinctive windows of Henry Belcher.    updated 12-30-16

Chapter 3a  Tiffany Studios- The formative Years  pages 58-67+

     This chapter follows the evolution of Tiffany's stained glass work from his first studio in 1879 to the establishment of his furnaces at Corona.    updated 9-05-17

Chapter 3b  Tiffany Studios- Experiments in Glass  pages 69-91

     This chapter explores the development of Tiffany's glass, both blown and sheet, at the Corona Furnaces from about 1894 to 1900.    updated 9-25-17

Chapter 3c  Tiffany Studios- Art as Commerce  pages 93-96+

     This chapter follows the development of Tiffany's product lines after the return of Clara Driscoll in 1897.   (in-progress rough draft)   updated 9-05-17

Chapter 4  Tiffany Lighting  pages 100-113+

     This chapter traces the evolution of Tiffany's Lighting with an emphasis on his copper-foiled shades.    (in-progress rough draft)    updated 9-25-17